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News & Events
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  Anchorlift Technic Custom Yacht Sign / Name

Our laser cut machin can do more that just making anchor, bow rollers it can also make custom boat name with 3D look and RGBW Led lightning. 


  Anchorlift XR50 Catapult anchor system on Lexus LY 650

Anchorlift Technic XR50 catapult anchor system on Lexus Yacht stunning new LY 650

  Anchorlift Spanish Dealer.
  Anchorlift welcome Boats & Barcos Mediterraneos S.L as new dealer in Spain.

  Boats & Barcos Yacht Broker Torrevieja, Yacht Broker Spain have the Marine experience and knowledge to
  assist you in the purchase of your dream Yacht or Motor Boat.
  We have a vast database of Motor Boats, Dinghies and Sailing Yachts from Super Yachts to Motor Sailors and Power Boats to Speed Boats,
  you’re in the right place.
  Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, we endeavour to help you through every step of buying or selling your Boat.
  Constantly strive to provide premium services with all things marine at competitive rates, whilst establishing lasting relationships.
  Have a large number of contacts throughout the world that we can work with to find or sell your Yacht / Motor Boat.
  Boats & Barcos Mediterraneos S.L offer a professional    service for the purchase of New Yachts / Motor Boats and Used Yachts / Motor Boats.
  Care and attention to detail is given to all boat owners and prospective boat buyers.

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  Anchorlift signs new New Zealand Dealer.

  Anchorlift welcome New Zealand Marine Distribution Limited as our new distributor in New Zealand.
  New Zealand Marine Distribution is home to some of the most
  advanced technology in the market and leading Marine Distributors.
  We pride ourselves on bringing all the latest technology to New Zealand
  boat owners with our product knowledge and support.
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  Anchorlift XR anchor system on MTI V 42

  MTI (Marine Technology Inc.) chose Anchorlifts new XR anchor system on thire new high end 42ft V center consol.
  The team at MTI-V did not forget what made MTI what it is today when developing the new MTI-V 42. As with our proven Catamaran line, the new MTI-V 42 Center Console truly   is   Lighter, Stronger, and Faster than other center console boats. The boat is not just fast, but also very efficient.
 The ride and performance of this revolutionary new boat can not be accurately put into words. It needs to be experienced.
Form more details click on link: Click on picture for full size.

  Anchorlift Catapult Roller on Delta 88

  Delta Yachts chose Anchorlifts catapult roller system on their brand new Delta 88.
  Delta 88 is a modern design yacht with a vertical bow design and want the anchor as close to the bow as possible
  The catapult slide the bow roller 50cm / 19,5" forward before the anchor drops out.
  Delta 88 is fitted with our new XR80 anchor that are spesially designed for this type of installation, 13mm 100m stainless steel chain, 91107 catapult, 90107 bow roller
  964412 anchor svivel connector. Visit for more information on this gorgeous yacht.
                                                                                                  Click on picture for full size.


    Anchorlift welcome new authorized dealer in Asia


   AME Marine Ltd., Part. / Marine Parts Thailand is Anchorlifts new anthorized dealer in Asia.
   Marine Parts Thailand (MPT) and Marine Parts Phuket (MPP) are new divisions of AME Marine, based in the    Boat Lagoon, Phuket.  Many of you from this area will already know AME and the owners (K'Wiwat and K'Ray),    as they have been trading there from their Chandlery and Engineering workshop for over 10 years.


    Miami Boat Show 2012


M1 (800x600)11.jpg P1050264 (800x600)11.jpg P1050267 (800x600)11.jpg P1050268 (800x600)11.jpg P1050271 (800x600)11.jpg
P1050273 (800x600)11.jpg P1050277 (800x600)11.jpg P1050284 (800x600)11.jpg P1050285 (800x600)11.jpg P1050290 (800x600)11.jpg
P1050292 (800x600)11.jpg P1050293 (800x600)11.jpg P1050294 (800x642)11.jpg P1050296 (800x600)11.jpg P1050298 (800x600)11.jpg
P1050307 (800x600)11.jpg P1050317 (800x600)11.jpg P1050324 (800x600)11.jpg P1050330 (800x659)11.jpg P1050333 (800x600)11.jpg
P1050335 (800x600)11.jpg P1050337 (800x524)11.jpg P1050342 (800x643)11.jpg P1050357 (800x477)11.jpg P1050360 (800x600)11.jpg
P1050366 (800x487)11.jpg P1050368 (800x514)11.jpg P1050387 (800x600)11.jpg P1050389 (800x600)11.jpg P1050391 (800x502)11.jpg
P1050394 (800x600)11.jpg P1050430 (800x600)11.jpg P1050439 (800x600)11.jpg P1050440 (800x600)11.jpg P1050442 (800x600)11.jpg
P1050444 (800x600)11.jpg P1050446 (800x600)11.jpg P1050447 (800x600)11.jpg P1050449 (800x600)11.jpg P1050451 (800x574)11.jpg
P1050460 (800x595)11.jpg P1050462 (800x600)11.jpg P1050463 (800x626)11.jpg    
    Anchorlift Windlass System on Nor-Tech New 420 Monte Carlo

nchorlift is proud to deliver complete windlass system for Nor-Tech NEW 420 Monte Carlo.
  This is a high end all new model featuring a mix of comfort, sport and just have a good time under the sun.
  Nor-Tech 420 Monte Carlo  is fitted with our windlass model Dolphin 1000 with radio remote 91354 Bowroller 90103, 33LBS Claw
  anchor in stainless steel, swivel connector 964410 and our new Double Braid anchor rode.
  For more boat detail visit




    Anchorlift attended at METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) 2011 in Amsterdam.

   METS is the worlds largest trade exhibition of equipment, material and systems for the international marine leisure industry.
   METS and the SuperYacht Pavilion 2011 broke attendance records by 2% compared to 2010. The attendance underlined confidence in METS/SYP when other    marine industry exhibitions in 2011 reported a drop in visitor levels. The quality and quantity of visitors made for a vibrant, busy three days, leaving a general sense    of cautious optimism. Organiser Amsterdam RAI wishes to thank all exhibitors, partners and visitors for their contribution in making this year’s show such a    success. The next edition of METS/SYP will be held 13-14-15 November 2012 when METS celebrates its 25th anniversary



   Anchorlift Windlass System on Nor-Tech New 340 Centre Consoll

nchorlift is proud to deliver complete windlass system for Nor-Tech NEW 340 Centre Console.
   This is a high end al new model featuring a mix of comfort, sport and fishing.
   Nor-Tech 340 Centre Console is fitted with our windlass model Barracuda 900 with radio remote 91354 Bowroller 90103, 22LBS Holding
   anchor in stainless steel, swivel connector 964408 and our new Double Braid anchor rode.
   For more boat detail visit


    Anchorlift / Bavaria Pier

  3 brand new 2011 Bavaria Yachts with stern windlass system from Anchorlift on the same pier, next to etch other. Nice!
  Bavaria 38 Sport  Bavaria 34 Sport  Bavaria 36 Cruiser


   Anchorlift Slide Roller on Spencer  70 "Pentagon"

  Spencer Yacht chose Anchorlifts new slide roll Spencer Volvo 70 Yacht.
  Spencer Volvo 70 yacht was fitted with a windlass, but would have the whole system is hidden, to keep the classic bow design. The choice was to design two bow   doors in the   bow that opens automatically when the anchor is on the way out. The winch system should also be as user friendly as possible, the bow doors and out   of the anchor is only   done by running the anchor out. When the anchor is running out, sliding anchor rolled out first to simultaneously open bow doors. When the   slide is fully rolled out and the bow   doors fully open and continue only anchor to go out. Anchor Lift has delivered complete winch system to Spencer Volvo 70   yacht, doors and hinges are specially designed by   Spencer Yachts

  Click on link for video.

    Anchorlift Windlass System On Nor-Tech  New Super 80 Roadster

nchorlift is proud to deliver  anchor system for Nor-Tech NEW Super 80 Roadster.
  This is a high end al new model featuring a mix of comfort and sport.
An open cockpit design gives the look and feel of a true performance boat and less of a   traditional yacht. A new 3 cabin floor plan is being incorporated below decks. Without the roof and heavy yacht décor materials this second version will come in   lighter and faster. The boat will be powered by CAT ACERT engines producing 1900HP each. A top speed in the 60 knot range is expected.
  The open deck features an abundance of seating and lounging areas such as the "King Size" aft sun lounge. Amidships there is an outdoor entertainment center   that also houses a concealed telescoping radar mast. Facing sofas and dining table are located behind the 4 person helm bench seat.
  Nor-Tech Super 80 Roadster is fitted with 2000w windlass with radio remote 91354 Bowroller 90105, 66LBS Pro Plow
  anchor in stainless steel, swivel connector 964412 and 200ft 3/8" High Tensile chain..
  For more boat detail visit

    Anchorlift Slide Roller
nchorlifts New Sliding Roller. This roller is to be used when the anchor system is mounted inside the bow of the boat, normally behind two doors.
   Slide Roller can also be used on new bow design where the bow is almost going straight down and you want some space between the bow and anchor.
Anchorlift will also deliver New special design Pro Claw anchor witch can be mounted much closer to the bow than normal Pro Claw anchors.
   Slide Roller will come in 3 different sizes. 60103 anchors 8 (17,5) to 15kg (33lbs). 60104 anchors 20kg (44lbs). 60105 anchor 30kg (66lbs)


     Anchorlift stern mounted system on Bavarias new 28 on Scandinavian marked.
Anchorlift is proud to deliver its stern anchoring windlass system on Bavarias New 28 on the Scandinavian marked.
   Bavaria 28 is fitted with Barracuda 900, 90201 inside stern mounting bracket, 2006-50 6mm 50m chain, 90103 roller,
   91354 Autodrop radio remote, 90801 switch panel, 90080 circuit breaker and 10kg Pro Claw galv anchor.
   For more boat detail visit


    Anchorlift new  super yacht anchor connector on Sunseeker Predator 108
  Anchorlift is proud to deliver our new anchor connector to Sunseekers super yachts. First one out its their Predator 108.
  For more boat details visit
    New Anchor Connector for Super Yachts
  Anchor connector for super yachts. Anchors up to 200kg. Chain size 14-20mm 1/2" to 3/4"



   New Compact Display for Store Use

  Compact display for use in stores.
  Shows Barracuda windlass, 90801 switchpanel, 90900 footswitch kit and 90060 cicuit breaker.


   Mets Marine Equipment Trade Show 2010
Anchorlift will attend the Mets marine equipment trade show in Amsterdam, going from 16 to 18 November 2010
   Please visit us in hall 11 boot 319
   Anchorlift Windlass System on Nor-Tech New 390 Centre Consoll

Anchorlift is proud to deliver complete windlass system for Nor-Tech NEW 390 Centre Console.
This is a high end al new model featuring a mix of comfort, sport and fishing.
Nor-Tech 390 Centre Console is fitted with our windlass model Dolphin 1000 with radio remote 91354 Bowroller 90103, 22LBS Holding
anchor in stainless steel, swivel connector 964410 and our new Double Braid anchor rode.
For more boat detail visit







Anchorlift seek ways to continually improve products, design and specifications.
Products design and specifications subject to change without notice. 
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